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Ever After Costumes
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It's been rather quiet here. LOL. Nothing much new to report. I've been slowly working on adding more historical reference images to my research site, and I'm still toying with the idea of adding a section for male costumes. While compiling all of the historical paintings to send to me, dreamerGIRL also found this great screencap of Jacqueline's Green Brocade Gown, confirming that the dress has a small train!

Jacqueline only has two costumes in the film: her Green Brocade Gown that she wears for the vast majority of the movie and her Masquerade "Horse" Gown.

Jacqueline's Green Brocade GownCollapse )

It also looks like Jacqueline has a ribbon tied in her hair. We can also see that the white chemise is floor length, which would suggest that the gown is actually two pieces (separate chemise and dress) rather than one piece with movie cheats.
Here's a nifty little graphic that I made illustrating a few details of Rodmilla's "Meeting" Dress:

Rodmilla's Meeting GownCollapse )

I also found another picture of Marguerite's "Peacock" Dress with a good closeup of the neckline. It looks like the collar attaches with silver ribbon.

What do you think?Collapse )

I've added a few more pictures to my research site here and there, mostly replacing poor quality caps with better ones. I still need to add more to the historical reference sections. Also, I'm seriously considering (eventually) adding a section for male costumes. Any interest in this?
It's that time of the year again, where I disappear for months on end because school starts eating my brain. But I pop up occasionally because I'm procrastinating on homework or grading. :)

Rodmilla wears this dress when Prince Henry returns the horse that he stole from their stables. Most pictures of this costume only show Rodmilla from the neckline up, so we have great pictures of the headdress worn with this costume, but not the dress itself. Well, a little while ago I found some new screencaps that actually show some more detail. I've added them to my research site along with an expanded description of the dress, but here are some highlights:

Romdilla's Meeting GownCollapse )

You can find my research page for this costume [here]. As always, new pictures and/or suggestions about the costume's construction are more than welcome!

dreamerGIRL has been busy and has sent me more historical reference images that she could find for the rest of the Ever After costumes (male and female alike). I just need to sit down and get all of the images organized...oh, and add them to the site. :P
First, let me apologize for the long delay in posting. A tragic event at my school combined with summer traveling and computer problems have taken precidence. But, I'm finally back with some exciting things. :)

Back in October (I know - I'm horrible with emails!), dreamerGIRL sent me a file with links to some online artwork. She took the time to find the historical paintings used in the cosprop.co.uk concept sketches! She also found a few paintings that look very similar to other Ever After costumes we don't have the concept sketches for.

Jacqueline's Green Brocade GownCollapse )

Danielle's Blue Library GownCollapse )

Danielle's 'Just Breathe' Ball GownCollapse )

Danielle's Gold Court GownCollapse )

Young Marguerite & JacquelineCollapse )

And of course, the paintings we already knew about:

Danielle's 'Princess' GownCollapse )

Danielle's Work DressCollapse )

Marguerite's Pink Velvet GownCollapse )

On a somewhat related tangent, Maggie has some great information on the painting by Leonardo DaVinci seen in the film (and my icon too!). You can find that [here].

Thanks again dreamerGIRL for sharing your research!
Marguerite wears this pink gown as a day dress and we see it when she and Rodmilla are shopping in the marketplace for a brooch. What pictures I've found of this dress can be found [here].

Marguerite's Market GownCollapse )

As always, new pictures and/or suggestions about the costume's construction are more than welcome!

And, it seems that I'm lacking a description of this gown on my research site, so any help compiling one would also be greatly appreciated. :)
Queen Marie's wardrobe is really interesting in this movie. It's actually a bunch of separates that the designer mixed-and-matched for each scene to get different looks with fewer costume pieces. This is the gown Queen Marie wears for tea with Rodmilla and Marguerite.

Queen Marie's Tea GownCollapse )

There aren't really many pictures of this costume, since the scene is so short, but what I have can be found [here], along with the rest of her wardrobe. :)

As always, new pictures and/or suggestions about the costume's construction are more than welcome!
Here's one of my favorite gowns from the movie. Marguerite wears this dress to the masquerade ball. It is also one of the few costumes she wears that is not pink. ;)

aranel13 has screencaps of this costume on her Ever After Research Site. cleopatramwi also has a page with her thoughts of this costume on her website. And finally, you can find more pictures and a rough description of the costume [here].

Marguerite's Peacock GownCollapse )

We had a good discussion going on the Yahoo!Group a few months back, but as always, new pictures and/or suggestions about the costume's construction, fabric, trim, and possible patterns are more than welcome!

And maybe you can help me figure out something - I found a screencap of this costume online and it raises an interesting question about the sleeves/cape.

What exactly am I seeing here?Collapse )

What do you think? :)
In an effort to start generating discussion - and have a look at some lovely eye-candy, too ;) - I've decided to try a "Costume of the Moment". Originally I thought about doing one every day, or every week, but knowing my schedule, it'll be more whenever-I-remember-to-post. :P

Obviously, Danielle's costumes in Ever After are popular and more recognizable since she's the main female character, but outside of her gorgeous wardrobe there's been very little research. Not that I would dissuade any thoughts/ideas/drooling over Danielle's gowns, but there are, after all, 32 other costumes worn by the other main and secondary female characters (not including the extras and courtiers, and yes, I did count, LOL), and they're all just as yummy. :)

Rodmilla de Ghent wears this gown when she has tea with Queen Marie, where she finds out that Prince Henry has been seeing Danielle (in the guise of a noblewoman named Nicole). The sleeve treatment on this costume is especially pretty.

Rodmilla's Tea GownCollapse )

Other pictures and a rough description of the dress can be found [here]. New pictures and/or suggestions about the costume's construction are more than welcome!
16th-Jan-2007 05:30 pm - Welcome!
Welcome to Ever After Costumes! This is a community for researching, creating, and discussing the costumes from "Ever After: A Cinderella Story." All posts are welcome if they pertain to Ever After costumes - whether recreating a costume, sharing photos of your own costume with the group, general discussion of any costume from the movie, etc.

Don't be shy! Introduce yourself. :)
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